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The MGC Gymnastics program ranges from beginner sport level, to the aspiring professional or college athlete. Within all levels of our gymnastics, we promote safe, fun, and inclusive practices. Our lessons are designed to create well rounded athletes and introduce motor skills, strength, confidence in movement, body awareness, technique, and so much more! 

Learn more about our Recreational Gymnastics Program here

Learn more about our Competitive Team Gymnastics Program here

This is a progression based program that starts at age one.  


Our Ninja NH program focuses on the gymnastic sport of Parkour, as well as agility, physical strength, respect for surroundings and others, and the self discipline needed for all of the above. Skills will be developed and improved upon almost indefinitely- they will be added to, simplified, modified, and personalized in the spirit of Parkour. Students of Ninja class will be able to advance to higher level classes as their skills and techniques further develop. As the level of the class rises, so will the precision, challenge, and focus of the skills- not to mention the fun!


Within the philosophy of the class, we believe that while we want to have fun learning and practicing parkour, we also want to practice safety and avoid injury. We also encompass the values of respect for one’s self and others, respect for surroundings (both inside and out of the gym), self control, self discipline, and team-like bonds between us and those with whom we practice. Parkour and the Ninja NH teach us to overcome mental barriers and subsequently overcome our physical obstacles both as efficiently, and as creatively as possible- let’s work together to find full potential of skill and ability that we all have waiting to emerge.

This is a progression based program that starts at age three. 

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