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Ninja Novel Heights
Michael Jordan quote. "Obstacles don't have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it."
Preschool Ninja
40min. (Ages 3-4)


Our Preschool Ninja class introduces basic yet fundamental parkour and ninja skills, while improving overall body awareness and movement. Students will develop listening skills as they are guided through obstacle courses in our Junior Gym!

Ninja Class jump.
Ninja 1 Classes
45 min. (Ages 5+)
Ninja Courses 1: During this class ninjas will learn how to safely navigate and move through, over, around, stationary obstacles in a connected course setting. This class is fast paced, and geared toward helping kids build coordination, gross motor development, body awareness,  and become confident in movement.
Ninja Skills 1: In Skills 1 ninjas will learn the basic skills needed in becoming a polished ninja. Unlike the courses class, this class is slow paced and takes aim at basic acro parkour/gymnastics skills such as ninja rolls, ninja vaults, handstands, and skills for specific obstacles. This class focuses on the basic building blocks needed to eventually learn those fun ninja flips!
Ninja Swings 1: Swings 1 is an introduction to our hanging obstacles. This class takes place upstairs and focuses on mastering the correct holds of each of our swinging obstacles. During this class, ninjas will not only learn how to properly grip our swinging obstacles, and work on building the hand strength needed to swing by practicing stationary hanging. Each of these obstacles has a different texture, some more slippery than others, and each one requires a different hand placement and hold technique. Learning how to hold and hang is the goal in hopes to move onto Swings 2 where we will start putting those techniques and newly found strength into action! This class is located upstairs in our swing section. 
Don't know which class to pick!? Pick 2 and get 20% of your second class!


Ninja Backfilp into foam pit.
Ninja 2
1 hr. 15 min. (Ages 7+)

Teacher recommendation required. 

Ninja 2 classes are the next progression in challenge for your ninja. 

Ninja Courses 2

Ninja Skills 2

Ninja Swings 3


Ninja Rock wall
Team Ninja
1.5 hr. twice a week 

Teacher recommendation required. 


Our Ninja Team is the peak of training in our Ninja NH program. Classes are hand picked by the program director based on age and skill proficiency. This class focuses on not only high threshold skills, but also perfecting the basics. Students will work extensively on mental resolve, confidence, and identifying limits; all while experiencing a team sport environment and preparing for competition!


Ninja N.H. Shoes

All Ninjas ages 5+ are required to purchase appropriate ninja shoes to change into when they arrive for class. 


Ninja N.H. Practice


All Ninjas ages 5+ are required to purchase a ninja practice t-shirt from our online shop. 

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