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Customer Testimonials

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Susan C. 

My son has spent the last four years enrolled in MGC’s ever-growing and evolving Ninja program. With biweekly lessons, he has strengthened his balance, coordination and athletic skills. The program has also benefited him socially and emotionally as he’s developed confidence, resilience and persistence-skills kids need for success. The program has opened so many doors for him! Coach Quinn has a way of connecting with students that encourages them to do their best. He is knowledgeable, respectful, encouraging and challenges each student based on their individual abilities. He’s someone kids can look up to. My son grew from doubting his athletic abilities to being able to expand his interests in athletics and have the confidence in himself to get out there and try new things. I owe this growth and confidence to MGC, the Ninja program, Coach Quinn and owner Marissa. Under her ownership and management, the program has been enhanced with a beautiful space, new equipment and opportunities to socialize and engage in addition to lessons. MGC is so much more than a sports facility, it is a place in which young athletes can hone their skills as well as improve their self-image and confidence. My son has been truly blessed by this opportunity!

Janella W. 

This place is awesome! The kids have loved every minute in the gym and have learned so much. The coaches and owner are friendly and encouraging.

Nancy B. 

I am particularly excited about your adding LLA! I do the MWF senior class at 9:00 AM and am very happy with it! As I am a senior, I find this challenging but not overwhelming! I highly recommend it!

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