Ninja NH


Ninja NH Shoes

All Ninja Team members are required to purchase and wear the shoe pictured here. We encourage all ninja students to get these shoes if they prefer to wear sneakers during class. Click below to purchase! 

Preschool Ninja
45min, (Ages 3-4)


Our Preschool Ninja class introduces basic yet fundamental parkour and ninja skills, while improving overall body awareness and movement. Students will develop listening skills as they are guided through obstacle courses in our Junior Gym!



Grade School Ninja
1 hour (Ages 5+)


Watch your ninja apply and build upon their fundamental parkour and ninja progressions in our Grade School Ninja classes. Students practice new skills in our designated Ninja Zone with more complex courses and stations that will improve strength, agility, and athleticism!



Grade School Ninja
1.5 hours (Ages 5+)

Teacher recommendation required.


As an extension of our Beginner Grade School Ninja class, our Apprentice Ninja class is designed for students who are proficient in fundamental parkour and ninja skills and demonstrate focus in ninja practice. Difficulty and intensity will be amplified for these Ninjas as they continue to grow through the sport! By instructor invitation only.


Team Ninja
1.5 hours , twice a week (Ages 10+)

Teacher recommendation required. 


Our Ninja Team is the peak of training in our Ninja NH program. Classes are hand picked by the program director based on age and skill proficiency. This class focuses on not only high threshold skills, but also perfecting the basics. Students will work extensively on mental resolve, confidence, and identifying limits; all while experiencing a team sport environment and preparing for competition!