Marissa Patnode- Owner

After 4.5 years as the Manager here at MGC, I am beyond excited and blessed to now be the owner of MGC. Gymnastics has always been a part of my life since I was a young child, and I am so glad that I am able to continue to provide the community with a place where kids can enjoy the gymnastics and ninja sport experience. 

MGC has been such a huge part of my life since it opened back in 2016. Since I started here, my husband Tim and I have had 3 beautiful babies. They love to come and play at the gym! I look forward to continuing the positive atmosphere of MGC, and the family friendly environment. 

Kailey Allen- Recreational Program Director

Courtney Hall- Birthday Party Coordinator & Event Planner

Quinn Potter- Ninja Nation Program Director

Long before I was a coach here at MGC, and far back into my childhood, I was garnishing a love for movement and practicing daily to reach my peak potential in parkour, martial arts, and dance. And after nearly 18 years of study and refinement, I really consider myself lucky to have found a way to take a pastime that I’ve invested so much time and effort into and transform it into a profession. When I’m not in the gym I prefer to spend quality time and play music with the people I love, find exciting things to do outdoors, and explore new places from every angle I can. But I’ll always find something magnetic about teaching a younger generation what I’ve learned.

Cameron Jordan- Boys Gymnastics Instructor

Gymnastics has been a huge part of my life for more years than I can remember. I started when i was 7 years old and competed for 6 years. I started working at MGC when I was 13 and it has been an amazing experience. The gym is such a positive environment and the staff brings a great level of experience and energy. Once I stopped competing, I started wrestling. Although i started a bit late, I was easily able to compete with the veteran wrestlers. The only reason this was possible is because of gymnastics. Gymnastics is the best sport to develop all of the skills to take on other challenges in life.

Carole Gourvellec- Preschool Program Director & Pre-team/Team Coach

Evelyn Montgomery- Class Instructor & Pre-Team/Team Coach

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