Toddler Classes- Accompanied by Parent- 45min. (Ages 1-2)


We believe it’s never too early for fun, explorative learning in the gym! Our toddler gymnastics program creates a safe space for your little ones to discover crucial skills such as balance, coordination, flexibility and strength. Each class promotes early development as well as a strong gymnastics foundation. Join us with your toddler to experience all their new discoveries and see how you can further their development at home!




Preschool Gymnastics- 45min, (Ages 3-4)

Our preschool classes are a great way to develop and focus your child’s natural energy. Apart from basic gymnastics skills and terms, they will learn to follow directions, build confidence and gain valuable social skills.This class is an introduction to gymnastics where children develop and advance their foundational skills. Children learn gross motor skills, how to follow an obstacle course and beginning skills on floor, balance beam, and bars.


Grade School Gymnastics

Grade School  Gymnastics- 1 hour (Ages 5+)

This is a fun class for anyone new to gymnastics. These fun and engaging classes will help your child develop the strength, flexibility, and coordination necessary not only for gymnastics, but for all sports. This class will teach all basic skills and terms that are needed to move into a longer class.

Our classes are focused on personal achievement and reaching individual goals. We teach with high energy and passion and are full of encouragement and positive reinforcement. Our grade school gymnasts have skill sheets where teachers will mark their progress. Once they have completed the necessary mile stones on their progress sheet, they will be invited to move into a longer class. 


Grade School  Gymnastics- 1.5 hours (Ages 5+)

This class is for children who have mastered all the basics learned in the hour long classes and are ready to learn more. This class will focus on more strength and technique, as well as, expanding their skills through a new progress sheet. Skill progressions, and time spent on events and on strength and flexibility will be fun for the gymnast who wants to progress in the sport. Teacher recommendation required.

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