Frequently Asked Questions 

What should my child wear for class?


Gymnasts should come dressed in a leotard and/or shorts or soft,comfortable clothing, that is not too loose.  No buckles, snaps or zippers are allowed, as they might scratch the equipment.  Long hair should be tied back and out of the face.  No jewelry other than stud earrings.  


Are your classes insured?


Yes they are! We are fully insured.


What are your term dates?


We have on-going registration/ rolling enrollment, so that means you can start at any time and don't have to keep signing up for additional sessions. Once you are enrolled you stay enrolled unless we receive an email to the office email notifying us otherwise. 

Do you offer any discounts?


Yes!  We offer a 50% off second class discount (must be used for the same child. We also offer a sibling discount of 10% off the second child and 20% off each child after that.

Can parents watch?


Yes!  We welcome you to stay as long as you'd like, though please refrain from coaching your children yourselves. All spectators must watch from our newly renovated lobby area. 

Do you offer financial assistance?


Not at this time, but we do offer both multi class discounts, and sibling discounts. 

Is there a registration/ membership fee?


No, we are getting rid of our registration fee for the remainder of 2022.


What if I miss a class or the gym closes for a snow day or COVID?


If you miss a class for any reason, or if the gym has to close for inclement weather or COVID related circumstances, we will offer make-up classes for missed classes. Make-up classes are good for one month from the date of the missed class.